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Why do you need to rebrand? There are many reasons to review your brand's dynamics. The scattering of your organisation's...

14 Jan 2022

Why do you need to rebrand?

There are many reasons to review your brand's dynamics.

The scattering of your organisation's visual expression occurs almost naturally as your organisation grows. Fixing this scattering is the most common reason for a branding exercise.

A brand is like a living organism. It is born, grows, becomes an adult, and sometimes grows old.

When she grows up, her expression sometimes goes all over the place. Often, several people have to deal with different dimensions of its expression. Therefore, it is essential to define rules and principles that will apply to everyone to make the mark consistent and easily recognisable by those it addresses for each of its uses.

This disintegration of the brand's visual expression happened to the Belgian association Child Focus in 2011. This is why the communications director asked the agency to look into the issue.

The solution to giving consistency to the brand was to develop a graphic charter that included and explained all the rules and principles of using the brand's different components.

This Brand guide contained all the rules of use for all people in charge to use the visual expression of the Belgian association.

Page in extremis knew the association well because it has produced the annual Child Focus reports since its first edition.

The Foundation for Missing and Sexually Exploited Children is an active public benefit foundation under Child Focus.
Public funds cover one-third of Child Focus's needs. These funds are negotiated by project or annually—businesses and the general public fund the rest. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day, the Foundation works hard to find missing children and fight the sexual exploitation of minors online and offline.

In the years that followed, the agency continued to show its interest in sensitive childhood issues by providing its expertise in producing reports and brochures to the Eurochild network active at the European level.

Page in extremis helps you strengthen your brand's cohesion by developing guidelines that are easy to use and flexible enough so that your brand can express itself creatively and recognisably.

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