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How to visually demonstrate the sensitivity to the environment at the brand level? The example of Spadel, a European and...

17 Jan 2022

How to visually demonstrate the sensitivity to the environment at the brand level? The example of Spadel, a European and family-owned group.

Spadel produces and markets natural mineral waters, spring waters, and refreshing mineral water soft drinks. Firmly rooted in their natural parks and mountains of origin, the waters of Spadel — SPA, BRU, Carolla, Wattwiller, Devin — contribute to everyone's health through their ideal mineral content.

The Spadel group has, since its inception, expressed a pioneering spirit in favour of the environment. Spadel is aware of the impact of its economic activity on nature and is implementing ever more ambitious actions to preserve the environment.

The company has always advocated for the regional map: positioning itself as a leader in its field on a human scale, brands that are firmly anchored to their region, absolute respect for its sources' catchment areas, and the preservation of the natural and beneficial properties of its waters.

In 2012, the Spaded group selected the Page in extremis agency for a rebranding. The mission request is reinforcing in the visual identity the priority attention to its environmental impact and defining a set of rules likely to apply to the different locations of the group units.

The blue colour of the logo and its slight variations in blue intensity express an aquatic atmosphere reinforced by reworked typography, which suggests the idea of water drops. The green mark that underlines the name is handcrafted to present a sense of authenticity and uniqueness. The line emphasises the close link between Spadel and nature and its environment.

Spadel' strategy and products include the challenges of sustainable development at the heart of its commitments. Spadel' desire for a more sustainable world is illustrated by their practical and measurable actions towards environmental protection: reduction of their carbon footprint, emphasis on packaging recycling, conservation of biodiversity, the establishment of catchment protection perimeters, and security guarantees for employees and local stakeholders.

Numerous distinctions, awards, certifications and prizes attest to Spadel' determination - and they encourage it to go even further to protect, improve and rethink the world around them.

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