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How to create impactful infographics for your social networks? Infographics are visuals that have a positive impact on your...

26 Sep 2022

How to create impactful infographics for your social networks?

Infographics are visuals that have a positive impact on your social media activities. People understand infographics much faster than reading text. Posts with infographics dramatically increase attention.

Many online design tools allow a non-designer to create visual content but don't provide the know-how to do it well.

Follow a few principles to create attention-grabbing images:

- Could you keep it simple? The best can be the enemy of the good.

- Too much creates confusion. Think qualitative, not quantitative.

- Some infographics are descriptive, and some are abstract. If the descriptive form does not work, opt for the more symbolic style and vice versa.

- Remove unnecessary components and enlarge the area between unrelated elements.

- Leave enough white space between your visuals.

- Think about the point of view. Set a vanishing point in your visuals.

- Your image assets should stay within your brand guidelines.

- Choose one colour as a base, then find complementary colours.

- Font size, weight, and spacing are critical to readability. Use simple fonts and reserve unique fonts for large headers.

- Use online tools to check image loading speed.

CER, the voice of European railways, understands the impact of infographics and uses them widely on social media. 

CER regularly publishes a series of fact sheets that extensively use infographics. Each sheet tells a whole story through multiple infographics.

CER can also use each infographic individually to shed light on a particular aspect of the story. The infographics produced in this context are used on social networks to invite the public to find out more by consulting the CER website. Isn't it a very effective way to arouse the curiosity of your audience?

The series of sheets result from the collaboration between the communication team of the CER and the creative unit of the communication agency #pageinextremis.

#pageinextremis turns brands into valuable assets and ensures alignment with their strategic goals.

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